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About Us

Something that isn’t just anything and anything that isn’t just something. Original Sound Track design and creation for games and more.

Some of our services:

Music & Sound Effects Licensing
Soundtrack for animations

Videogame Music

“Videogame music” is a very broad term. Most people instantly relate it to catchy loops, retro sounds and chiptunes and although, admittedly, it’s tons of fun to create and listen to, it’s not all we do. Today, videogame music is more like –if not entirely– rock, jazz, pop, electronic music, abstract music and even fully orchestrated scores or a mix between any two or more of these. Being a videogame composer nowadays means being an accomplished and versatile composer who can meet whatever expectation is in the mind of the client, and videogame developers have great imaginations.

Let your project be remembered

Without question, a project is way better with original and carefully crafted art, and music and sound just so happen to be my art. What stays with you the most after playing a great game? If you answered music, you’re part of by far the largest portion of gamers. My main goal is to provide you with unique, carefully tailored original music and sound for your project to stand out, break the mold and, most importantly, to connect to the player at a nostalgia level.